Learning Disability Information


Our surgery has been accredited with the Purple Star Award. We have demonstrated our ability to deliver high quality, reasonably adjusted services to our patients with learning disabilities.

Purple Star Certificate

For those of our patients who have a learning disability, we offer yearly annual health checks. This is one of the best times to bring up any concerns or issues, we do encourage speaking to the GP throughout the year as well, if any medical issues arise.

We aim to make visiting the GP as accessible for everyone as possible. This includes providing reasonable adjustments to the best of our ability.

Please let us know if there are any reasonable adjustments you need.

For further Learning Disability support, please visit the Hertfordshire Disability Team website.

Please see below some easy read leaflets and posters:

Annual Health Check Guide

Flu Vaccine Leaflet

Constipation Information

Dental Care

Exercise Routine

Healthy Eating

Urine Colour Chart – are you drinking enough water?

Know your poo